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Get your shipment cost estimate with our cost estimator. The cost estimator is a tool that provides an estimate of your shipping fee and is based on the information that you provide. It does not reflect the actual shipment cost, which will depend on actual box measurements, shipping method, and currency rate, among others.


Fill in the appropriate fields as accurately as possible to get your shipping fee estimation.

Air Cargo

Estimated delivery: 10 Days

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Sea Cargo

Estimated delivery: 45 Days

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Shipping Cart can ship your goods home via Air or Sea Cargo.

Shipment cost is computed for using pounds (lbs) and U.S. Dollars. It is converted to pesos based on the current exchange rate of major U.S. online stores (i.e. Amazon), and is subject to change.

Shipping Cart rates are inclusive of all taxes.

Shipment Method Rate
Air Cargo USD6.99/pound
Air Cargo for Items with Special Handling USD11.99/pound
Sea Cargo *USD1.75/inch (unliweight)

Shipment cost for Air and Sea Cargo is calculated as follows:

Chargeable Weight x Rate + Fixed Transaction Fee + Insurance Fees (if any)

The chargeable weight for your package is its actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher, based on industry practices. However, Shipping Cart does not round up the chargeable weight except when the package's actual and volumetric weight are less than 1 lb, in which case we will apply the minimum chargeable weight of 1 lb.

To determine the actual and volumetric weight of your package, a dimensioning machine is used to weigh your item/s. This is done while it's inside its original packaging. Note that if your item/s arrives in your courier's or distributor's box (e.g. Fedex, Amazon), we remove the courier's box before your item(s) is measured and weighed. We measure and weigh your item/s in its original/manufacturer's packaging to help you save on shipping fees.

The formula for Volumetric Weight is: Length x Width x Height / 166 (dimensional weight factor). *Sea Cargo Shipments are only measured based on the volumetric weight or dimensional weight.

Please note that we follow the dimensional weight factor of the International Air Weight Transport Association (IATA).

We also offer shipping for items that require special handling (i.e. dangerous goods). For a complete list of these items, visit our Items with Special Handling Page.

It's important to remember that when an item requiring special handling is consolidated with regular items for shipment, the rate for Air Cargo for Items with Special Handling applies. Consolidation is free.

A fixed transaction fee of USD10.00 for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao applies to your shipment when it arrives to the Philippines and is delivered to your front door.

We recommend you declare an accurate value of an item's worth as this determines your shipment's insurance fees. Note that each shipment is insured for free up to USD500. Anything in excess is charged at 4% of the total declared value of all the items in a shipment.